MetroLA, LLC, is a development company that specializes in commercial and residential developments and realty in Silver Lake and Echo Park. MetroLA's vision is to create an urban community taking the character from the history of these areas into the twenty first century.

Tayo Design Studio, LLC,  is based in Los Angeles but its principals have been involved with projects in Europe, South American and the US . This international experience informs the clean, functional approach that underlies Tayo Design’s aesthetics.

“Think globally, act locally” is particularly applicable to our work. Those familiar with designing and building in the vibrant megalopolis that is the city of Los Angeles know all too well the minute specific requirements associated with these projects.

Andy Semotiuk, MetroLA Development, LLC., Andy works with executives and cross-border couples to get through immigration problems to obtain work permits and permanent resident status (green cards/maple leaf cards). Unlike almost all other immigration advisers Andy is a member of the bar, and actually practice immigration law, in both the United States and Canada. In the last 30 years Andy has handled over 10,000 legal cases.

Mark Semotiuk, MetroLA Development, LLC., After earning a dual Bachelor Degree in both Business Economics and Psychology from UCLA, Mark worked obtaining entitlements for developers in the Los Angeles area, and developing and building the Waterloo in SilverLake condominium complex. He obtained a Master of Real Estate Development Degree from USC in 2007, and has been a licensed California real estate broker since 2006.

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